Ach. Brito 100 yrs – Vintage smell

In 1918 Achilles de Brito and his brother Affonso de Brito created, in the city of Porto, their company of soaps and other perfumery articles, Ach. Brito.
The Brito family’s journey in the world of fragrances began several years earlier, with the collaboration of Achilles de Brito at Claus & Schweder, the first Portuguese soap and perfume factory, also founded in Porto.

In 1925 Achilles de Brito acquired Claus & Schweder, thus continuing Ach’s current luxury brand, Claus Porto.

In the first years, the company launched several products with very success. Some of which are still on sale today, such as the Luxury-Bath brand registered in 1927, the Patti and Lavanda brands registered in 1929, the Triple Alfazema brand registered in 1932, Musgo brand registered in 1939, as others.

Innovative from the beginning, Ach. Brito stood out for the quality of his formulas and the beauty and visual detail of his packaging. The labels painted by hand gave them a character more special, distinguishing them clearly in the world of perfumery.

Over the years, the company has achieved enormous success, gaining notoriety and collecting national and international awards. However, in the 1980s, Ach’s was strangled by the market, and the company went through a time particularly difficult.
In 1994 the great-grandchildren of Achilles de Brito, the brothers Aquiles and SĂłnia Brito decided to acquire the whole of society and started a deep restructuring to keep up with the market demands.

Today, Ach. Brito occupies a transversal position in the market, with brands present in the most different segments. It is present in the national brands and exports to more than 50 countries.
The company preserves the production process according to traditional methods. Continues to develop quality formulas created from the best natural ingredients and maintains care and rigor with the packaging aesthetics.

In short, contentment for the view, a delicious smell that surrounds us, and the certainty that the silky soap massage cleans and protects us always. Did you feel like trying the goat milk soap or the lavender cologne? What are your favorite soaps?

Today on Instagram, yesterday on a “big bicycle” 😉

Thank you. Até jå!

>>>Credits: Photos in Ach. Brito Blog<<<

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