Netflix: there is Portuguese Cinema

Yes, since yesterday (and only since yesterday), Netflix added three Portuguese films to its catalog: Virados do Avesso, Os Maias, and Bad Investigate.

We know that Portuguese film production has been scarce for decades, but it has existed since the beginning of cinema and had golden times in the 40s and 50s.
We also know that, in general, we don’t have commercial or “box office” films, such as those of “Bollywood” or the unstoppable Mexicans or Brazilians but, we certainly have enough production of excellent quality. So Netflix may have started release some Portuguese titles on its mainstream platform a long time ago.
“Better late than never” is an old Portuguese saying, so we still thank and Congratulate Netflix!

Carlos da Maia and João da Ega

Today, we highlight “Os Maias: Cenas da Vida Romântica” (also known only as Os Maias) is a Luso-Brazilian film of the 2014 romantic drama genre, written and directed by João Botelho.

Based on the homonymous work by Eça de Queirós, the feature film stars Graciano Dias and Maria Flor, playing Carlos da Maia, the last heir of the traditional Maia family, and Maria Eduarda, her mysterious and romantic interest, respectively.
The production opened in Portuguese cinemas on 11 September 2014 and at Festival do Rio (Brazil) on 28 September.

Eça de Queirós in the garden of his house in Neuilly

“Os Maias” written by our great much-beloved writer Eça de Queiroz, is a melodramatic, fun, and big romance novel that points to a destination without remedy, both for the Maia family and Portugal.
This novel is part of the Portuguese curricular programs.
We hope you will see, and enjoy it!

Thank you. Até já!

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