Tikva! A Jewish Museum in Lisbon

Hope is the meaning of the Hebrew word “Tikva” and how we need it in this re-entry of life all around the world.
Finally, Lisbon will have its Jewish Museum!

The works of the new Museum will start in 2022, at Rua das Hortas, in Belém. It is a creation of the architect Daniel Libeskind, in partnership with Saraiva + Associados in Portugal, and will open doors in 2024.

Belém, Location of the Museum, Plot at Rua das Hortas / Av. da Índia

Tikva Jewish Museum Lisbon will “tell the yet untold story of the Jews in Portugal, their culture and history,” according to Studio Libeskind.
More importantly, the Museum is a project focused on the future that will inform people about the history of light and dark, as of hope and tragedy, that teaches us the value of cultural diversity and warns us of the risks of ethnic and religious intolerance.
Soon, I will post about the Jewish Museum of Oporto and the Jewish Museum of Belmonte.

Thank you. Até já!

>>>Photo credits in dezeen.com<<<

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